#11 My Elit Update&Quing’s Quest&Like Stars in a Clear Night Sky

Greeting! I finally figured out how to use Prezi classic to create my elit! I was lost about the digital tool I could use. I thought to use Twine, Flash or Quest, but they couldn’t meet my requirements for audio, visuality, and interactions. Prezi has many models programmed by Flash, so I don’t have to worry about programming. I only have to put all my materials on it. Prezi Classic and Prezi Next are different versions. I tried Prezi Next whose models are awesome but cost much money. SO I use Prezi Classic. I am on it…


Quing’s Quest

Screenshot_1This piece is lovely! Although it’s not new to me because it’s quite similar to former pieces by Twine, I enjoy the design, including music, fonts, color, and shining stars. When IScreenshot_5 click those hyperlinks, they will alter to a bigger and brighter font.As I am designing my elit piece, I would read it as a designer and admire its fabulous creativity.


Like Stars in A Clear Night Sky

It’s a quiet beautiful piece! The most amazing thing is it gives me a new sensation: beauty, peace, and profoundness. It’s very different to create readers’ perception in that accurate way by music, poetry, and images. That’s what I am trying to do!


# 10 Elit Reading & Workupdate:Speparation&My Timeline

First thing first, my elit piece is in the progress. I created my “Final Project” folder. It is like a food pantry where I could put my “prey”. This idea comes from our classmates’ blogs and I appreaciate the contrbution very much.  Screenshot_3

The time is limited.  I need time to plan my project, collect materials, programme and have a final editting. I am also considering the way to show my piece so that my readers may find it intriguious. Hence, I made a timeline:

Theme: Reauthoring Rachmaninoff Symphonic Dance Op. 54
Timeline: 3 weeks
Nov.20 – Nov. 25
Materials collecting & Storyboarding
Fill Folders
Nov. 26 – Nov. 30
Collecting & Coding 50%
Twine/ Thinglink/Presi/PPT/ Googledoc./
Google what tools you will use
Nov.31- Dec.4
Coding 100%

Dec.5 - Dec.11
Final editing & Presenting
Present on Dec. 11 night
Storyboarding: 30 mins play


It is a compelling piece. It points out the contradition between our work and computer: people suffer from Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) becuase of the wrong  way to use the computer.

I was curious about RSI, so I did some studies:

“Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is a general term used to describe the pain felt in muscles, nerves and tendons caused by repetitive movement and overuse.”

Awwww… I felt I have same symptoms!

“The condition mostly affects parts of the upper body, such as the:

  • forearms and elbows
  • wrists and hands
  • neck and shoulders”

Yeah… My neck has some problems…(Want know more? https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/repetitive-strain-injury-rsi/) Ok, that’s interesting. So I played a little while:

I am very impetuous person. I was so impatient to what is going on on the screen. You want me to read words at this slow pace? No way!

SO I RECIEVE THE WARMING a couple of times:


LOL. Ok, I have to say I was very hasty while working with computer. I need so much patience to click … It drives me mad…

The practice is quite funny.  I was sitting in the dining hall and people saw me opening mouse and lifting eyebrows… They might be scared by me. Haha


As the auhor says, “The visitors of Separation / Séparation are compelled to click slowly (as someone recovering from RSI) in order to see how words appear, one by one. Every now and then an exercise for an RSI patient is proposed and all interaction with the computer is postponed.” It reminds of ScareLetter that deals with the privacy insulting. I couldn’t say such programs can make a big difference. Either Separation or SL is not a cure for people who suffered from those issues. However, they show efforts and present a unique voice to ignorance. They are the brave soul to arise new awareness of the socity.

That is what we can do – as a writer and elit author. The elit is a window  in the darkness where sunlight comes in. Thanks to the reading! It gives me new ideas and I would like to put the perspectives in my elit.