#11 My Elit Update&Quing’s Quest&Like Stars in a Clear Night Sky

Greeting! I finally figured out how to use Prezi classic to create my elit! I was lost about the digital tool I could use. I thought to use Twine, Flash or Quest, but they couldn’t meet my requirements for audio, visuality, and interactions. Prezi has many models programmed by Flash, so I don’t have to worry about programming. I only have to put all my materials on it. Prezi Classic and Prezi Next are different versions. I tried Prezi Next whose models are awesome but cost much money. SO I use Prezi Classic. I am on it…


Quing’s Quest

Screenshot_1This piece is lovely! Although it’s not new to me because it’s quite similar to former pieces by Twine, I enjoy the design, including music, fonts, color, and shining stars. When IScreenshot_5 click those hyperlinks, they will alter to a bigger and brighter font.As I am designing my elit piece, I would read it as a designer and admire its fabulous creativity.


Like Stars in A Clear Night Sky

It’s a quiet beautiful piece! The most amazing thing is it gives me a new sensation: beauty, peace, and profoundness. It’s very different to create readers’ perception in that accurate way by music, poetry, and images. That’s what I am trying to do!


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